A Brief Guide to Sports Broadcasting in South Korea

There are several different sports teams in South Korea, including basketball, baseball, and soccer. These teams compete against each other for major prizes, sometimes hosting international guests, as well. The number of sports in South Korea isn’t limited to one, so the number of commentators 먹튀폴리스  and announcers isn’t either. Different announcers and commentators are assigned to different games, providing detailed reports on each event. Here’s a brief guide to Sports Broadcasting

in South Korea.

Spotv +

SPOTV is an Asian sports streaming platform. Launched in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore, SPOTV is a subscription-based video service with linear channels and on-demand event coverage. Besides South Korean soccer, Formula E motor racing, and baseball, the channel has expanded its coverage with tennis. A dedicated app will be available for tennis in the coming months. Meanwhile, the sports channels of SPOTV include cricket, football, baseball, tennis, and eSports.


KBS Sports Broadcasting in South Korea is a major broadcasting network in the country. The network offers news and information, sports, culture, and entertainment programming to the nation. Moreover, the company also provides specialised services for the disabled. Additionally, KBS1 broadcasts news, entertainment, and culture programs. It also produces minor TV shows and movies. In South Korea, KBS Sports Broadcasting has earned a reputation for its fidelity to the sport and quality of broadcast.


Before the formation of the Korean Football Association in 1992, sports broadcasting in South Korea was mostly confined to state-run channels, such as JTBC. However, the situation is beginning to change. Private companies are increasingly involved in the broadcasting of sports events, and there is now a thriving business for sports channels in South Korea. In December 2011, Kim Tong-hyung published an article in which he outlined his vision for the future of sports broadcasting in the country.

Golf Channel Korea

Golf Channel Korea is one of the premium sports channels in South Korean cable TV. It is owned by NBC and has a wide array of content. Golf events are a mainstay on the channel, such as the World Long Drive Championship. Golf-related programs include Golf Advisor Round Trip, Peherty Show, Best Lessons Ever, Playing Lessons, and The World Long Drive Championship. In addition to broadcasting the world’s top golf events, Golf Channel Korea also airs shows such as Golf Fix, The Peherty Show, and The Peherty Show.


SBS is one of the most widely-watched broadcasters

in the country, reaching over 50 million households. In addition to sports programming, SBS also broadcasts various variety shows and documentaries. Its logo is an image of three embryos inside a circle, representing the human, cultural, and future-oriented management philosophy. The logo is used on all SBS products, including uniforms, program titles, microphones, business cards, signs, and ganpanryu, the South Korean national anthem.